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Scout-n-Hunt Pheasant, Quail, Sharp-tailed, Huns, + Chukars are the species mapped for these states

Scout-n-Hunt Grouse and Woodcock are the species mapped for these states

Scout-n-Hunt + Scout-n-Hunt = All States Mobile Hunting Maps Bundle

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Maps scouted the habitat so you can find the birds. Hunters can easily find our layer that shows prime habitat. The greatest bird density will be in Prime habitat. Other details mapped are upland vs lowland and cropland versus forested. The Statewide coverage details become very specific: lowland brush & tag alder, lowland grass lands & cattail sloughs, seeps & cattail springs, grassland areas & shrub data, crop data identified to pinpoint food sources and logging cuts with size and age class.

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Your app helped us find a lot of good cover to hunt last year for grouse. I’m looking forward to using it to find great areas for quail this year in Kansas.


I am about to complete my tenth season utilizing products from Northwind enterprises.
I started with paper maps and quickly moved to SD cards. I have been using the app on my phone and tablet. The tablet mounted in the truck has markedly reduced driving time.

I have used this product in Maine, NH, PA and MI. I have hunted in all these areas without a guide. I have produced birds and have not been lost in the grouse woods

My sons are in their early 30’s. These maps have solidified their understanding of grouse habitat
Ann is a resource that is always available. We recently had a conversation on a Saturday evening, only several hours after an email


Love your maps and I have been recommending to others, it has literally changed my hunting life!

For your info your mapping was recommended to me by a grouse biologist with MN DNR in Grand Rapids….when he said he was going to buy for his own use it is a pretty good endorsement

All the best!


Clifford Watrin

I have to tell you, not sure of the updates you’ve done but holy cow!!! Great job this year (as always) I love the maps. They are my staple when I go hunt. Using the map this year I got my English setter female in a great spot and we got a flush on a grouse. All from strictly using the app while in the woods in northern MI!

Teresa Arnett

Ann, received your grouse dog training manual and was impressed.  Definitely will recommend it to puppy customers. Going thru bird hunting withdrawals. Already planning for next year. I also am very happy with the scout-n-hunt app. Have discovered a bunch of hidden out of the way places I didn’t know existed. Been a big up surge in hunters so these hide aways are golden. The tracking capability helps greatly walking one into the covers.

Bud Leanna

Ann, just wanted to drop a note with the friend request. I made two trips to lower Michigan last year with my Brittany pup and it was the first hunting season for the both of us. I just wanted to tell you how invaluable your maps were. I finally caved on the second to last day of our SECOND trip and bought your maps. They are incredible. We had more flushes in the one day with your maps then we had the SIX days prior combined. It was great seeing my pup FINALLY get her nose full of the smell of an actual grouse. While we never did connect on our first, harvested grouse (my fault as opposed to my pups), it was just so fulfilling hearing/seeing the thunderous rise of a grouse in thick cover. As a brand new upland hunter, from Kentucky, with the absolute minimum exposure to grouse (wish you had KY maps!), I just wanted to say thanks for the your maps and I can’t wait to buy them again for the 2021-2022 season.

Evan Pemberton


Scout-N-Hunt maps make it much easier to ‘scout’ new territory. We no longer have to depend on Google maps, or miles of driving. We bring up the app and decide what type of cover we want to hunt. This is a real time saver, because it puts us on the right cover!

John Buttermore

Harbor Springs, MI

I’ve been using Scout-N-Hunt for a couple of years now. It is a great help to locate birds especially when bird numbers are low. Instead of spending time driving around we spend more time hunting.

Steve Tubach

Slippery Rock, PA

Scout N Hunt helps you find the right cover to maximize your time in the woods. I couldn’t imagine grouse hunting without their maps!

Chaz Cole

Bluefield, WV


Wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and benefited from the Scout-N-Hunt mapping system.

Chal Curtis III

Harbor Springs, MI