Tutorials using Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Maps

To get the most out of the multiple features of our Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Maps please view the videos on this page. If you need additional help with any aspect of our Mobile Hunting Maps or with the CarryMap app please contact us and we will call you and assist you with your questions over the phone. You can also call our technical support line directly at 906-767-0045.

Note: To use your Mobile Hunting Map you must first download the CarryMap app to your device. See our Get Started & Install page >

Learn how to download & install to your iPhone or Ipad Video

Learn how to download and install the mobile map to your iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 or higher.

Learn how to download/install to Android phone & tablet video

Learn how to download and install your mobile map to an Android cell phone and Android tablet, then verify the map data is complete

How to Download the CarryMap App to PC & load it Video

How to download the CarryMap App to your PC

How to Install Base maps or Topographical Maps under your Habitat Map

You can insert your favorite typographical map to work with Scout-N-Hunt

How to Cache Imagery Base Maps or Topo Maps for Off-Line

Cache your topo map once with internet to have those details when bird hunting off-line. Scout-n-Hunt maps work off-line always.

How to mark location and waypoints video

Learn how to mark a location by creating a Point Layer with Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Maps. The layers are saved in the app and can be used from year to year. You will also learn how to copy the point’s coordinates and email them to whomever you wish.

How to access the details and pushpins video

Learn how to access the details where you mark the map with a pushpin

How to share your GPS location to google & friends

Learn now to share your location coordinates with a friend who can then use Google maps to navigate to the location. You can also tap on any location on the mobile map and email the coordinates to yourself to navigate to the location.

Learn how to print map on Windows pc video

Learn how to print map pages and create PDF maps on a Windows pc

Learn how to use the basic features & identify habitat video

Learn how to use the basic feature of the Mobile Hunting Map. How to identify the prime habitat and the habitat surround it. Learn the age of the cut, the size of the cut, and more details such as the latitude/longitude.

How to locate concentrations of prime bird hunting habitat video

Learn how to recognize concentrations of prime and marginal habitat to better plan your hunts with Scout-N-Hunt.

Grouse Guide Explains How to Hunt for Grouse with Scout-N-Hunt

Learn tips for hunting ruffed grouse.

Maine Bird Hunting Map & Features by Scout-N-Hunt

Maine is one of the leading Ruffed Grouse Hunting destinations in the Northeast. Our maps have identified over 32,000 areas that have been harvested between 2003 and 2016. These translate into hunting hot spots on public lands for grouse and woodcock hunting.

Crop Rotation Feature by Scout-N-Hunt

Crop Rotation Layer is exclusively for Western States, this feature offers you invaluable insights into crop history from 2022-2016. Use this tool to make educated guesses if the crop provides good food, cover or both. We have over 30 different sorts on crop data types.

E Scouting for Late Season Grouse Hunting

Learn the Habitat that Grouse will move to in late season. Listen to tactics on how to review your maps and scout the Habitat to find the best hunting spots.