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#17 Fine-tuning Your Dog’s Nose for Bird Hunting Success & Fireworks

#16 Teaching Your Hunting Dogs to Follow Your Lead in the Field

#15 Judging Grouse Habitat Effectively | What Every Grouse Hunter Should Know

#14 From Nests to Fields: Sharpen Your Skills & Enhance Dog Health

#13 From Puppies to Hunting Maps to Spring

#12 Christmas Gatherings & Dog Care | Plus Learn Dog Command Training

#11 How to make valuable Hunting Season Reflections & Dogs in cold weather

#10 How to track Grouse & hunt their flush in Late Season Hunting

#9 Change your Grouse Hunting Strategies for late season hunting

#8 Grouse Hunting Strategies in Early Season for the Woods

#6 | Conditioning your dog, puppy training tips & early morning fall grouse hunts

#5 | Not all Aspen cuts are created equal. Puppy tips for grouse scent

#4 | Minnesota Habitat to Hunt Grouse & early development puppy training

#3 | Michigan habitat breakdown including the # of cuts on Public Lands

#2 | It is supposed to be Spring but Winter is back

#1 | Springtime in the Northwoods for the Grouse and Woodcock

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Upland Hunting and Dog Training Tips

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Grouse mapping with Ann Jandernoa/ Northwind Enterprises

Our Podcast listeners are saying

“I have heard Ann speak on the Birdshot Podcast every time and make it a point to listen in whenever she does an appearance. Thank you for the content, for an adult onset grouse hunter your knowledge sharing has been invaluable.

-Tom Pionek

“I’m very excited to have another episode of the podcast out. I listened to it and enjoyed it. I always learn something and I’m grateful for the lessons. Keep up the good work!”

-Joshua Gray

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#150 | Northwind Enterprises – Ann Jandernoa

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#42 | Mapping and Hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock with Ann Jandernoa

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#115 | A conversation about Scout-N-Hunt mapping, ruffed grouse habitat, bird dogs and more with Ann Jandernoa

Learn more about Upland Bird Species featuring Ruffed Grouse and Pheasants

Ann Jandernoa has spent decades researching ruffed grouse, woodcock and upland birds. To better hunt upland birds, you need to learn their needs. These needs can range from specific seasonal cover requirements, escape routes, seasonal food requirements, and daily schedules. The daily schedule will vary with temperature, wind, dew, and barometric pressure. The life of a game bird is complex. Taking the time to learn the habitat, needs and not only creates a more successful hunt but also is emanate in helping these upland birds species thrive. Hunt the Habit was created for fun educational conversations & articles on grouse hunting, upland hunting, dog training and how to get the best use of your Scout-N-Hunt mobile hunting maps.

Finding Your Next Grouse Cover

Ruffed Grouse Society Article
October 17, 2019 by Ann Jandernoa

Gordy Gullion

Stories of the Cloquet Forestry Center’s Work, Life & People from 1960 to 2020
By Clare Boerigter