Use all the features of Scout-N-Hunt to find the greatest upland bird density

Cropland Data


Upland game will never be far from food. Knowing what crops are growing where is a game changer.

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Forest Habitat


Grouse feed in aspen groves and seek shelter from storms in conifers. Plan accordingly, hunt effectively.

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Wetland Data


Cattails and tag alders provide cover for upland game. Densities are often thickest on the edges of swamps or lowlands. Give yourself an edge by knowing where to go.

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Self-guided success on Public Hunting Land with our Habitat Hot Zones

Do you want to flush more grouse or woodcock? Stuck in the planning stages for your next out-of-state hunt because you don’t want to spend all that time and money and not find the pheasants or quail when you get there? We’ll help you get out of the truck and into the birds.

It’s no secret that better habitat holds more birds. It takes time and effort to find primary habitat on public lands. Birds spend most of their time in specific zones depending on the time of year. Those areas provide food, water and shelter from both the elements and predators. Secondary habitats fill niche needs within the seasons. But how do you find these hotspots?

Avid grouse hunters know that aspen groves logged between 9-16 years ago support high numbers of birds. If you target pheasants, you know that you’ll find lots of them in low grasses or dense cattails when they aren’t feeding in grain fields. Knowing where to find the birds isn’t any secret. It takes time and effort to scout unfamiliar areas.

Mapping habitat is what we do. Our Mobile Hunting Maps contain all the information you need to spend your time hunting because we already spent the time searching for primary territory. Our habitat maps contain labels for prime areas, lowlands, wetlands and trail systems. Once you’ve downloaded the state maps, they’re available offline anytime, anywhere.

We know that grouse move to conifers and pheasants head to cattail sloughs to ride out inclement weather because we are passionate upland game hunters. We spent a lifetime developing a map labeling system that works. Scout-N-Hunt maps will take your self-guided hunt to the next level. It’s what we do.

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