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Prime habitat means greatest bird density

Forest Land Details: forest type, logging cut age & acreage

Detailed upland and lowland data

Marshes and wetland data

Public Land Boundaries

Topographic features

Roads & Trail Systems

and much, much more

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The Only Woodcock Hunting Map for Upland Hunters

Understanding the habitat woodcock live in and the food that sustain them is needed before you can start hunting them.

Forest thickets edges, moist alder woods, brushy swamps tend to be where Woodcock spend their days. This provides them cover from predators and access to their favorite food sources earthworms and insects. Nights in open fields. Use our habitat layers to find prime hunting areas.

Start planning your next Woodcock Hunt with Scout-n-Hunt

We put hunters where the birds are on public hunting land. This game bird spends its days in forest thickets, where it is damp enough to probe soil for earthworms. We map young growth and lowland brush & tag alder which have moist soil. Or find thickets along streams with our forest land and wetland details. Find all the information you need for a successful woodcock hunt.

We offer Woodcock hunting maps for Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Don’t set foot in the woods without a habit detailed map.

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