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Prime habitat means greatest bird density

Cropland & Rotation data

Cattail areas & slough data

Grassland areas & shrub data

Marshes and wetland data

Western Walk-in Areas: Hunter program identifies private lands open to public hunting through walk-in access. Habitat, crop and boundaries mapped.

Public Land Boundaries

Roads & Trail Systems

Topographic features

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Most quail live in agricultural fields and grasslands. For protection they like open pine or pine/hardwood forests and grass/brush rangelands. They prefer young forests regrowth after disturbances from fire or logging. Mature woodlands do not offer what they need. Scout-N-Hunt clearly labels forest age and other important prime quail hunting habitat features like croplands. During fall and winter, quail prefer to eat legume seeds, ragweed seeds, pine seeds and acorns. The best quail hunting is located near food sources, cover and water so put yourself in the right habitat for success. You can put your self there with Scout-N-Hunt.

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Successful hunts start with knowing prime habitat of quail. Use our system to find where the quail are. Know where you are hunting with our trail systems and public land boundaries. Live GPS tracking works when you are offline deep in the woods.

We offer prime habitat layering Quail hunting maps statewide for Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington and West Virginia. We’re adding to our state maps all the time so please check back soon.

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