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Hunt the Habitat

Scouting for upland game takes time. Avoid the stress, Hunt the best habitat from the start.

Avoid the frustration of wasting time guessing with imagery maps when assessing habitat. Then driving to the location to see if your guess is the right habitat. Instead you could be hunting already.. Reading map imagery is limiting. It doesn’t offer enough detail to successfully locate the birds. You can spend all season looking for perfect habitat. Or start hunting prime habitat on Opening Day.

Time is crucial, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Spend yours hunting. Let us do the scouting.

Prime habitat means greatest bird density

Cropland versus forested

Grouse & woodcock habitat identified by the year of the Aspen cut

Topographic features

and much, much more

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Locate more suitable Upland Hunting grounds with Scout-N-Hunt Maps

Hunt More. Scout less.

Habitat Hot Zones are strategic Upland Hunting areas where hunters are more likely to find greater bird density. On the Scout-N-Hunt Map these locations are labeled “Prime Habitat”. Hunters can research these areas long before reaching their hunting destination. Our map helps hunters understand upland habitat. Habitat plays a vital role in hunting success. Hunt the Habitat. Find the Birds.

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Game Bird Habitat Specifics

Game bird ranges are very specific based on their needs. Map imagery isn’t easy to read nor does it give you enough details or accuracy to find the birds. Important grouse hunting information like forest type (aspen or conifer), age classification (logged 9-16 years ago) isn’t found with imagery or on other apps. To target pheasants, you want low grasses or dense cattails close to grain fields. Scout N Hunt labels these features specific to game birds. Upland hunters can make guesses with imagery or use the game species tools provided by Scout N Hunt.

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Crop & Cover Details

To become a better upland hunter, you need to learn a bird’s habitat needs. This includes their favored cover types and food sources. Where can their water needs be fulfilled? On a rainy day what forest type provides the best reprieve? Out west cattails provide added protection on the windiest days. All these habitat details are mapped and labeled for our hunters in exceptional detail.

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At Scout-N-Hunt, we believe scouting for upland hunting ground shouldn’t be time consuming. We, like you, previously have spent hours planning hunts. That’s why we developed a proven mapping system to reduce the time it takes you to locate suitable upland hunting grounds. We’ve spent decades researching ruffed grouse and upland game birds so you can spend your time bird hunting instead of scouting.

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Your Road to the Best Bird Hunting Experience

1. Download Scout-N-Hunt Maps

Get the Scout-n-Hunt mobile mapping map.

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2. Find Suitable Hunting Grounds

Explore map details to easily locate suitable upland hunting grounds.

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3. Hunt More. Scout Less

Get out hunting to flush more birds.

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Finding new grouse hunting covers in New England with the Scout-N-Hunt app

Is Scout-N-Hunt Worth It? At a price of $65 per state, or $120 for all states, I think it would be hard to argue against its usefulness….I can say with confidence that it will find you more than one new grouse cover this season and is particularly worth it for those new to grouse hunting that lack good mentorship.

-A.J. DEROSA, Founder and Creative Director of Project Upland

Source: Project Upland Magazine

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