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NE Mobile Upland Hunting Map


Renewal: $45.00

Please note:

  • Map access expires March 1st. (Like purchasing an annual hunting license) Yearly data updates to keep maps current.
  • Renewals for next year ARE AUTOMATIC. 
  • Reduced renewal prices will only apply to the same Mobile Map(s) you purchased last year.
  • Renewal date is March 2nd. We will email reminder.
  • Not all Maps are ready March 2nd due to state data releases. You will be notified by email when the maps are ready for download if they are not available March 2nd.

Key Map Features of Nebraska Upland Hunting Mobile Maps

  • Statewide crops layer
  • Compass direction overlay to assist in tracking toward a specific area
  • Habitat adjacent to your location automatically identified
  • Import WMS base maps
  • Print maps saved on your PC
  • Save maps on your PC as a PDF
  • Embed photos and videos within your saved points of interest for future refence
  • Export your saved points, lines, and polygons to your other devices
  • Statewide coverage of lowland grasslands & cattail sloughs
  • Crop data identified to pinpoint food sources
  • Grassland areas & shrub data
  • Western Walk-in Areas and other habitat that surrounds the public lands. This will not be available until September due to state date release timing. 
  • Ability to load a selection of 14 different base maps
  • Works Off-Line Anytime. No cell service needed
  • Entire map is downloaded at one time and can be viewed within the device by zooming in and out
  • Compatible with Windows® desktop or laptop, Android® tablet or cell phone, iPad or iPhone
  • Install on 3 of your own personal devices. Utilize maps across your devices.
  • Habitat details mapped – labeled and color-coded.
  • GPS live tracking/breadcrumbs. Identifies your location.
  • Shows all the Public and Private land boundaries for the state
  • Prime hunting habitat labeled for the state
  • Wetland data. trout streams identified where data is available.
  • Roads & trails identified
  • Record GPS coordinates and export to Google Maps for navigation
  • Track & share your location
  • Create hunt projects with waypoints, lines and polygons
  • Measurement tool to calculate distance to waypoint & area size
  • Create a destination waypoint to track
  • Download your tracks and waypoints
  • Attach photos, videos, or files to waypoints and share
  • Identify features on the map. Search features then it will flash identification of habitat shapes.
  • Maps Offline (Satellite, Topography)
  • Set map scale
  • Print Maps
  • Import and export kml/kmz
  • Technical Support 1-906-767-0045
  • Map access expires yearly March 1st
  • Auto-renewal price of $45 will be charged to your payment method on file on March 2nd  unless cancelled.