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Grouse Dog Training Manual


Written by Ann Jandernoa, professional guide, breeder of grouse dogs, and owner of Northwind Enterprises, located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This manual is a unique, positive training method structured for the first year of training your pup to become a good grouse dog.

With an unparalleled understanding of grouse habitat and the traits of a grouse, Ann’s insight shared in this training manual will help you to better understand how to train your young pup to hunt these difficult upland birds. This manual focuses on the first year of your pup’s development as it grows into becoming a good, hopefully great, grouse dog.

“It takes years of training, hunting and research to understand grouse hunting and grouse dogs…Ann Jandernoa has all of those assets. Ann has used that knowledge to write Training Your Grouse Dog to be a Foot Hunting Companion Gun Dog. There is no book on the market today that explains grouse dog training as well as Ann’s publication. Using Ann’s training methods, you’ll have a better grouse dog and have greater enjoyment afield with your treasured companion.”

Paul Fuller, Host, Bird Dogs Afield TV

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Training Your Grouse Dog to be a Foot Hunting Companion Gun Dog

Training Your Grouse Dog to be a Foot Hunting Companion Gun Dog contains photos and illustrations to help you better understand the detailed training methods that are outlined in this manual.  There are detailed skill development exercises from teaching your pup to settle, focusing its eye contact, incorporating whoa into its daily life, then graduating to quartering, hand signals, noise conditioning, and more.  There are exercises on teaching your pup to work with minimal scent, learning to work unproductive points, relocating as needed, and locating the bird.  This manual describes a process that will help you develop the foot hunting companion you want both in the grouse woods as well as in your home. Over the first year of your pup’s life every interaction you have with it has the potential to be a training lesson.

By starting at a young age you are building the foundation for a future grouse dog that knows how to work the cover, works within gun range, and has learned to point and work a grouse while putting minimal pressure on the bird.

This manual is designed for both the avid grouse hunter as well as someone who is just getting into grouse hunting.  The goal they both share is that they want to start with their own puppy and over time become grouse hunting partners that will share many seasons of enjoyable and productive hunts.

Training Your Grouse Dog to be a Foot Hunting Companion Gun Dog
Published by Express Press/ISBN: 978-1-9359203-8-0/Printed in USA
150 page color, spiral bound training manual, printed on 80# satin finish coated stock, packaged in a resealable sleeve.
Extensive photography provided by Days Afield Photography, LLC