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Pro Hunter Workshop DVD


The PRO Hunter Workshops provides a unique opportunity for Grouse and Woodcock hunters to learn how to best plan their grouse/woodcock hunt. For a successful hunt, you need to understand the bird we hunt and the habitat they thrive in. Our DVD package is the next best thing to attending a workshop. Over 4 hours of instruction.

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Within this DVDs set you will  learn:

  • How to plan, research, and optimize your hunt

    • Site requirements for males, females, and chicks—what to look for from the hunter’s perspective

    • Food requirements throughout the year—learn what the grouse eats you’ll know where to find birds

    • The male and female grouse yearly life cycle and habitat—knowing this assists in pre-season scouting as well as the fall hunt

    • Brood development, fall dispersal, and early winter re-grouping—the time of the season affects where we find birds

    • Factors affecting the overall grouse population cycles—the up cycle and the down cycle and how we change our hunting strategy

    • How to sex a grouse and to identify a juvenile from an adult

    • Woodcock habitat requirements

    • Flush patterns of woodcock—identifying the difference between a male flush and a female flush to better prepare you for that split second shot

    • Strategies for hunting woodcock dependent on the time of day and weather conditions

    • How to sex a woodcock

    • How to locate and identify productive habitat for grouse and woodcock

    • How to hunt the transitions and how the transitions change with the season and weather

    • Hunting “the backdoor”—strategies to hunt “heavy hunter traffic areas”

    • How best to use topographical maps and aerial photos in your pre-hunt planning

  • How to identify clear-cuts

    • How elevation affects timber types

    • Locating possible grouse funnels (patterns of escape)

  • Use of the Internet when planning and researching your hunt

  • How to conduct preseason scouting

  • Put it all together and strategically getting the most out of your hunt