Why Scout-N-Hunt mapped the Crop Land data layer for upland bird hunters

Knowing the location of crops is an essential hunting feature.

Crops offer a food source and even cover during certain times of the year. Upland bird hunters who gain access to habitat features such as food and shelter are prone to increase their hunting success rates. That is why Scout-N-Hunt has crop data mapped on our pheasant, sharp-tail, and quail mobile hunting maps.

This layer is designed to give you information about where the croplands are located in relationship to the land that is open to hunting. Pheasants, sharp-tail, and quail will live near a food source. Depending on the time of year, they will travel from food source to heavy cover such as cattails, grasslands, and shrubs. Hunters viewing these layers in relationship to each other really gives hunters a visual on flight patterns and areas to hunt.

To date, there is no way to guarantee that the crop data layer will be completely accurate. Factors that affect accuracy include weather changes that force farmers to change plant choice or alter his crop rotation due to extreme rain or drought. Another major factor is the sheer size of crop acreage in the U.S. and how long it takes to inventory and identify every crop. Imagery plays a very important role in this process. Imagery snapshots are taken multiple times throughout the crop year and even after the harvest, but farmlands can change after mapping has taken affect.

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Testimonial of this feature


I wanted to send a note to congratulate you for making such a valuable tool for the DIY-Public land hunter. I’ve used it for three years now in four states.

One of the states is my home state, the other three were states I had never hunted before. I didn’t know anyone that had hunted in those three states and I had no local contacts to lean on.

By combining the public land, satellite & road views, and most importantly the crop data,  you’ve come up with a truly comprehensive pre-trip scouting tool that doubles as a GPS in the field to keep me within property boundary’s. To be able to see ahead of time where crop fields meet CRP and pastures is invaluable.

With a little time, a dose of common sense, a pinch of experience, and Scout-N-Hunt maps in hand my success has rivaled anyone’s I’ve come across.

To illustrate…On my last hunting trip a very kind and generous gentleman had recommended four pieces of land for me to try the next morning. He said he ‘knew’ there were birds there. I had already picked five properties using Scout-N-Hunt. When I got back to the motel room I found that all four of the recommended properties were on my list of five.

Scout-N-Hunt, Don’t leave home without it!!

-Gary Gunterman