Instructions and videos for installing your Mobile Hunting Map in to your devices

We have outlined below a step-by-step procedure to download and install the map data file into up to three of your devices
In general, these instructions apply to most devices, but dependent on the version of the operating system software
and age of your device, they may vary.  For example, an iPhone 6 is slightly different than an iPhone 11 pro. 

If you have an iPhone10 or newer, a detailed step-by-step instructions PDF is available by clicking here: IOS Download and Installation

Step 1. Good internet service is needed for the “one time” download of the map data per device.
Do not use a cell
WiFi hotspot.  Download will be extremely slow and subject to disruption.
              Once loaded, the map can be read without WIFI or cell service

Step 2. Download the CarryMap app to your device.   You must have the app to use the Mobile Hunting  Map. Dependent on your device, click on the button below to  access the app.

You can skip step 2 step if you already have the CarryMap app installed on your device, but double check to make sure you have the current version. 

CarryMap App Map Reader


CarryMap App

Android phone 

Go to your app store on your phone.

Requires: Android 4.0 or later (Google Pixels, Nexus, HTC, Samsung, OnePlus, Moto, LG, etc.)

iPhone or iPad

Go to your app store on your iPhone.

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

for Windows Desktop

System requirements: Operation system: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. Requisite software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2+

Step 3. If you subscribed online, click on MyAccount in the upper right corner, or login if needed, to open your Account Dashboard. Then click Orders on the left side of your account dashboard. To the far right click View. Under Order details the map name, link and mobile maps password will appear. Write down the password, you will need it in a moment.

Note:  If you subscribed over the phone, the map data download link and password were included with your order confirmation email

Step 4. Click on the download link. It will open in your web browser.

If using Safari the download time is significantly longer than if you use Chrome. 

Step 5. You will be prompted to enter your email address.

Step 6. A download screen will pop up. Check the box to the left of the map file. Then click on the download arrow to the far right.

Step 7. Be patient. Large files take time to download.

Many browsers show the download progress with a moving circle around a file or a moving blue line by the web address.

Step 8. Upon download completion, the screen shows the file name with a hyperlink that reads “Open in “CarryMap” Click open.

Some phones make you select which application to open the map through. If you aren’t redirected to CarryMap, you may need to manually open the CarryMap on your device.

Step 9. CarryMap may prompt: File was saved to Home directory. Do you want to open the file? Click yes.

For iOS you might need to check your iCloud folder.

Step 10. In CarryMap you will prompted to enter the mobile map password you wrote down from Step 3.

If the file isn’t automatically linked, you may need to select your file from the file folder symbol on the bottom left in CarryMap. Click on the Map title name. Here you will be prompted to enter the mobile map password again.

Step 11. To View the map zoom in to show details. Zoom in by pressing the plus button. 

Step 12. Click on the following link instructional videos to learn more about the Mobile Map features.

How to load Scout-N-Hunt Maps to iPhone or Ipad Video

How to load Scout-N-Hunt Maps to Andriod Phone Video

How to Setup & use features of Mobile Maps on PC Video